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Our Ideas blog is a space to share and reflect on thoughts and experiences around citizenship, belonging, and creating change.
Ideas inspire us to act, to risk, to fail, to learn, and to try again.

Determination and Choice

Determination and choice are two things that many people take for granted.  For me, those two key players are vitally important tools in my life! Growing up with Autism, I didn’t have much “choice,” or so I thought. Even as a younger adult, I felt the same way. Then I started to figure things out, and my life began to change. I started to realize that people with disabilities could live just as much a fulfilling life as everyone else!

What ...

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OIFN – A Living Network

As I began my journey as the OIFN’s Community of Practice Animator, I started to delve into the full-bodied and deep-rooted history of the network. I was profoundly touched by the diverse members who made significant contributions to the work of independent facilitation. I was uplifted by the resounding commitment and steadfast leadership in the face of rapidly changing landscapes. I was reminded of the power that networks hold in their ability to harness the collective energy in order to ...

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