“Baby, We’ll Be Fine. All We Gotta Do is Be Brave and Be Kind”

Families are all too familiar with informational overload.  In our efforts to build a meaningful life and a secure future for our family members, we watch webcasts, read articles, and wade through documents.   Heaven forbid we miss a government announcement or let a change on a ministry website slip past us.

We do not need to be overloaded in any other way, shape, or form.  But, in fact, we find that we are bombarded by inspirational Facebook posts day after day, minute after minute, and, on my Facebook feed, second after second.  Oh no, inspirational overload!  It is a thing and it is described as the point when our emotions and senses become overloaded, and we begin to doubt and become apathetic to the message.

What do we do?  We cannot disregard information.  Should we disregard inspiration? Will the wise words of philosophers simply become exhausted text over pretty pictures that we scroll past?

Every once in a while, one of these inspirational posts feels genuine and perhaps an emotional response is evoked.  During the recent provincial election period, while scrolling past numerous exhausting political memes on my Facebook feed, these words caught my eye –


Miracle of miracles, I was inspired!

Wouldn’t it be brave if politicians found common ground more often? Politics could use a good dose of kindness.

Would spreading stories of kindness and bravery on social media instead of hate and lies open our minds and hearts? Bravery and kindness could end bullying and solve many of the world’s problems.

Recent research suggests that kindness may improve resiliency by promoting feelings of happiness and peace.  Modelling kindness and bravery will build resiliency.  We need more resiliency!

Kindness has an addictive effect and each act of kindness makes an impact on all of us.  Numerous studies have shown that receiving, giving, or even witnessing acts of kindness increases immunity and the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood in the brain.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation declares that acts of kindness will fill our souls up and help us remember that the world is actually pretty amazing.

Life is often overwhelming.  Each day, I watch my daughter bravely face the world and struggle through with a strong determination to be kind, regardless of her frustration and anxiety.

At this point in time, many people are breaking new ground and creating opportunities that have never been available in the past. The benefits of their efforts will be appreciated by future generations.  We need to recognize the bravery of people as they work to overcome barriers and build lives in their communities.  We hope for kinder, more accepting communities.

I have experienced many acts of bravery and kindness in my life.  Life is pretty amazing!  Take time in your life to recognize the bravery and kindness that surrounds you and remember –



Sandra Mothersell is a parent, past Co-Chair of Grey Bruce Family Network and a current dedicated member. She believes in the power of contributing and volunteering to create a healthy, vibrant, fully inclusive community.   Sandra’s belief that every person is entitled to a full life in their community was instilled by her grandparents.  Her understanding that each of us is enriched by people with disabilities was founded by a shared life with her loving aunt and her amazing daughter.  

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