Facilitation…small actions on big ideas…again and again

Facilitation is all about making it easier for people with developmental disabilities to take steps toward their big ideas, dreams, visions, and goals that they imagine and hold in their hearts. These ideas guide our work, all of our work, people with developmental disabilities, their families, friends, allies, and those who take this on as their work. These big ideas inspire us to act, to risk, to fail, and to learn…and then try again, moving closer to what we imagine is right.

A vision of a good life for adult citizens with developmental disabilities in Thunder Bay

No straight lines.

There are rarely straight lines on the journey of people with developmental disabilities to live as citizens. There always seem to be things in the way, things that we must get around, things that cause us to rethink, and change course, to get to what most people take for granted.

Relationships are complex.

In the end, people with developmental disabilities seek what most people seek — to be in relationship; to love and be loved; to be respected; to be supported; to belong; to make a difference. Relationships are complex, always changing. There is no prescription for making relationships work.

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Learning from experience.

The work of pursuing the big ideas and visions of people with developmental disabilities (with the people who love them) is best supported when we learn from each other’s experience. This website is a space to share ideas, big and small; our efforts to follow them; and the things we learn along the way.